Other Public Records

We are providing a number of other records that may be of interest to you. If there is a public record that you are interested in but do not see on the website, please contact the District Office.


As the District’s audited financial statements are prepared by an independent auditor, and accepted by the Board, we will post them on the website for your information. If you are interested in an audit for a previous fiscal year, please contact the District Office.


  • Establishment Ordinance: Ordinance 99-60 established the Stoneybrook West CDD, as adopted by the City Council of the City of Winter Garden, effective November 23, 1999.
  • Ordinance 05-21: This Ordinance expanded the boundaries of the CDD to include parcels 17 and 20, effective March 16, 2005.

Rules and Policies

  • Rules of Procedure: These are the administrative rules by which the District operates. They are based on the Florida Statutes and define how the District conducts its business pursuant to Florida Law. Effective February 2000.
  • Resolution 2014-06: This describes the public speaking policy adopted by the District related to the public’s opportunity to speak at public meetings. Effective July 30, 2014.

Engineering Reports

  • 2000: Dated August 28, 2000
  • 2004: Dated November 3, 2004